I was born in Nashville, Tennessee (Yes, I am a country girl) and I moved to Canada with my family when I was 10 years old. All my life, I have always wanted to be a teacher and create a positive impact on everyone around me; from babies to seniors. 

Being a child of an immigrant family from Nigeria with no other blood relatives, I learned that education, working hard, and building a positive family-like relationship with the people around me was very important. Due to this and the relationships I have developed, I am surrounded with many friends and supporters who have formed and shaped who I have become to be today; a strong, yet bubbly, respectful, God-fearing, exemplary woman. 


Last year in 2018 I graduated from the Mechanical Engineering Technology Program in Red Deer, Alberta. I also graduated from the Early Learning and Child Care Program a few months ago to further my passion for children and become an educator. 

I am currently in the works of opening a Child Development Centre for children of all race, gender, and backgrounds. It will be a place where children will develop strong life-lasting skills that will grow and strengthen a child’s social, physical, intellectual, and emotional skills. 

Why pageantry? 

Competing in the preliminary provincial stage for Miss Alberta World was my first time ever in a pageant and I definitely didn’t go into it with much expectations of winning such a huge title; the capital city of my province, Miss Edmonton World!

Going into the Miss Alberta competition I just went in with an open mind and a heart, ready to receive the experience. Everything I do in life I always give my 110%, and surely this competition was no different. I strongly believe that in order for you to gain the full experience of anything, you have to give it your all! 

I am so excited for the Miss World Canada competition, and excited to experience such an amazing opportunity! My platform as my reign as Miss Edmonton is child development and If I am successful at catching the Miss World Canada crown, I will continue to spread awareness on child development and the importance of this overlooked topic. I also plan on continuing to use my platform as a Public Figure to be a positive light to other young girls and women who may have struggled, or are currently struggling with stepping out of their comfort zone and taking that leap of faith in trying something new! I endeavour to be that extra push they may need in helping them reach their full potential, and purpose in life by being the example of what can come out of being adventurous and trying new things.  

Written by: Jummy Ojekunle
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