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I am so proud to announce that I have been crowned Miss Alberta 2018 and also Miss Central Alberta 2019. I never thought about ever being in a pageant before doing Miss Alberta, I did not know much about them. Doing Miss Alberta completely changed my perspective about pageants, they are so much more than just being beautiful. They are about being beautiful on the inside as well. I know what you are thinking , that’s cliché! I understand but I will explain. Every contestant is encouraged to be actively involved in the community and stand up for an issue they are passionate about. That is my favourite part about it, pageants provide a platform to voice your opinions. My platform for Miss World Canada is Mental Health, the reason I chose this platform is because there is a rise in mental health problems in our world today, however the topic is still not being addressed strongly enough due to the stigma attached to it.


I am currently studying BSc in Psychology. I graduate with my degree in November. Psychology was not the original plan, but I took one course and fell in love with it. I find the area very interesting and I also wanted to do something where I could help people and be with them through out the processes as they improved. This is not where it ends, I want to study further so I can make the best use of my education to change people’s lives.


Dance is a passion for me, I have been dancing since I was two years old. I dance to express myself . I am the happiest when I am dancing. Kathak, bollywood, Indian folk and belly dance are some of the forms of dance that I do. Apart from dancing, I love being outside playing sports or hiking. One of my other hobbies is also watching Netflix, I like taking some time alone and just watching friends it always makes me feel better.


The Southgate care centre is very close to my heart. It is a senior home that I volunteer at. I used to volunteer there as a physiotherapy assistant a couple years ago and now I occasionally volunteer as a visitor. Some patients here do not remember much, but it is the most special feeling when they remember who you. I also try and be as involved as I can be with events that are raising awareness about mental health. The CMHA Edmonton did a Defeat Depression walk in which my amazing team walked 5 km. This event was a fundraiser to raise awareness about mood disorders and also raise funds so they can be put back into programs to help the individuals suffering from them. I hope to be more involved with future events of the CMHA Edmonton.

Thank you for taking the time to get to know me a little better.


Janki Trivedi, Miss Central Alberta World 2019.

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