Hello everyone! My name is Alisha, and I am the current Miss Calgary World 2019. I can’t believe it, I am still pinching myself even as I type that out! I wanted to take a second to introduce myself and tell you all a little bit about me before we embark on this incredible journey together.

“Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world.”
– Harriet Tubman


Once upon a time 25 years ago, on a cold chilly day in November, A little bright-eyed super energetic girl was born into cow town Calgary, Alberta. She very quickly grew to love music, and performing arts. She just knew in her heart that she had to immerse herself into this world she was discovering.

As she grew she found a specific love for competitive dancing, singing and being on a stage performing her heart out to large crowds in the Calgary Stampede. She followed these passions by competing in many competitions throughout her school years and working very hard until she was able to take home several first place wins, along with first place in the Calgary Idol singing competition. This incredible experience allowed her a guest performance spot on Canadian Idol which she will never forget. She has even performed for the Queen once.

In her grade 12 year, she was chosen to be the convocation speaker, as well as the class Historian at her graduation ceremony. She went on to teach dance for a few years, traveled to many countries, and decided to attend school to become a Registered Dental Assistant, where she graduated president of her Class.

These days she is working full time, volunteering in her community, performing in local theatre, and preparing for Miss World Canada 2019.

Junie B Jones – Vertigo Theatre
Convocation Speech- Graduation 2011

Now I realize creating my introduction and upbringing into a short story is a little unconventional, but hey so am I and this blog post is all about getting a peek into my daily life. Nothing is ever conventional in my world. I am all about breaking the molds society places on us and allowing my true genuine colors to shine through. With that being said, this summary of my life, though it seems like rainbows and unicorns, has had many challenges and is actually what led me to pageantry in my mid-twenties.

So why Pageantry?

Behind all the smiles and positive moments of my life, was a girl with severe depression. A girl who didn’t know if she was enough, was incredibly insecure, scared and lost. A girl with a learning disorder who had to work 80 times harder than the average to achieve anything. At times I didn’t know if my life was worth living. Despite all the incredible things I was able to accomplish, I just didn’t see my life that way.

As I battled through this silent war with myself and was bullied just because I was different, I learned more and more about what it really meant to be alive and what I want to do with this life of mine. Through years of struggle and research, I got through it and ended up stronger and more myself than I have ever been before. I started speaking out about my struggles, letting people into my mind and my world and showing others that there is strength in our weaknesses. I stopped caring what everyone else thought of me and just started living life more carelessly. Though I will add that with social media these days, sometimes that can be incredibly difficult.

Although Instagram is a fabulous platform, I wanted to be able to reach more people, to help more and try to take on this huge stigma that still exists today. Knowing what a daunting task this is, I have made a promise to myself that if I can help one person by telling my story than that is enough. My goal through Pageantry is to give to those who need it most and give back to those who have helped me.

Till Next Time…

I am so unbelievably honored and excited to go to Toronto and compete for 3 life-changing titles. I can’t wait to be surrounded by so many outstanding women and have the opportunity to learn about what they are all doing for our country. Also, I can’t wait to JUST HAVE SO MUCH FUN! I am certain I will make memories I will never forget and friends I will cherish forever.

Thank you for taking the time to read my story. It is people like you who are going to help change this world.

Until Next time,
Miss Calgary World 2019

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