I have arrived TORONTO!!! Alisha, Ciara and I have decided to come in a day early in our host hotel!!

First of, Thank you to Edward Hotel Markham for accommodating us a day earlier!!! They have such great customer service! Very nice staff!! Beyond amazing!!!

I have mix emotions as the competition starts!! I am very excited to meet all the ladies! I mean I have met Team Alberta (cheering) and I miss them dearly, but I also want to meet the other ladies!! Don’t get us ladies wrong. Even though we are competing with each other, having them really makes the week worthwhile. I mean we already have made a group chat to somewhat get to know each other! And who else is going through the same stress, hardship and fun as I am other than themselves!

Anyhow, this day started in Calgary. Going to work first. And catching my flight! Please note Toronto is 2 hours ahead of Calgary therefore there is a time change! By the time I got to the hotel its almost midnight! But because Alisha’s and Ciara’s flight had a delay we all got in together!!!

Pageant day arrives, we had a late breakfast. We actually missed our time slot for breakfast because we thought it was until 11am. But still we got some really good food and service! Top notch service, props to Julian.

We also got to meet Miss Maritimes World during breakfast along with her provincial director Marc! She is so sweet and beautiful, her eyes were mesmerizing.

Then we got ready for registration. Finalize our looks and stuff for the day! Can’t wait to see who our roommates will be!!

If I am not mistaken we are having our opening gala at Neruda restaurant!! Can’t wait to try out their steak 😉 They are also donating $1000 under one of the delegate’s name to be donated to Children’s Wish Foundation when our review has the most like! So please do like my review after today until Wednesday July 26th!!

Please tune in on what’s in store for tomorrow!!

Much love,

Vida Valerie Vispo

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