I hope everyone is having a great day! If you have stumbled upon this post you are about to get a glimpse into a bit more about me.

My Roots

So the questions I get asked all the time is, “Where are you from?” or “So.. what’s ur nationality?” I laugh to myself each time because I have come to realize that when you look at me it is really hard to figure out. So let me clear this all up. I am Trinidadian-Guyanese- Canadian. My dad was born in Trinidad and his family is from Trinidad and Guyana. My mom is English, Irish and Scottish. Also in this wonderful mix is Turkish, East Indian, and Nepalese. So I am so lucky to be a mix of the United Kingdom and the Caribbean. I am proud to be mixed. I love how Christmas and Easter and even family gatherings are full of all these traditions and cultural aspects. I am very lucky to have all these ethnicities part of my identity. So when I am asked how my hair is so curly, and how I get so tan, here’s part of my answer. I have the wonderful benefits of being mixed and I get to experience so much uniqueness and beauty of so many cultures. I am proud to be English, I am proud to be West Indian, and I am proud to be Canadian.


Ever since I was a kid I have been fortunate enough to have the privilege of travelling. My parents always believed that the more us kids saw of the world the better knowledge and understanding we’d have of things growing up. They were definitely right and I couldn’t be more grateful for the places I’ve been to, the cultures I’ve seen, and the experiences I’ve been able to have around our globe. I feel I have a better knowledge of our world once having travelled. I am more grateful for the things I have, and I feel educated about what is going on around us everyday in different parts of the world. Travelling has also given me the opportunity to see all the things that I could possibly do. I now have a wanderlust and such a big desire to see more. I’ve had the opportunity to travel to the Caribbean, around Canada, and all over the United States. I cannot wait to see where my future allows me to travel to, for I have a bucket list of places I wish to go.

Life of an Athlete

From my childhood to now, I was involved in any sport you could think of. As a little, little girl I was a dancer and a gymnast. I competed in Jazz, Hip-Hop, Tap, and Ballet. I even medalled at gymnastics competitions. Growing up a bit I became a lover of lacrosse and Tae Kwon Do. Then once I had run my course with those sports my true passions for being an athlete set in. Competitive swimming and running are what I am truly passionate about. I have swam competitively for 8 years and then moved onto coaching the team. As for running I am a cross-country and track runner. I’ve competed in triathlons and medalled in many cross country races. For track my best races are 200 meter, 400 meter, and 100 meter relay. While doing all this I participated in school sports, badminton, volleyball, and basketball. Being involved in sports is a part of my life I can’t live without. Fitness and competition are big values I have when it comes to athletics. With all this under my belt my passion of teaching young athletes came about.

Teaching Young Athletes

Being active and sporty is one of the main parts and loves that I have in my life. But I have broadened that love even further. I love teaching and training kids to find their passions for sports. I have coached our swim team and taught kids to swim for 3 years. I love how the healthy competition inspires and motivates these kids to pursue athletics. So many kids are passionate about sports and I love being part of their journey with that and being able to guide them and teach them along the way. Along with the swim team I have refereed many volleyball and basketball games, and I will admit I am that annoying cheerleader on the side encouraging these kids through the whole game. I’ve been lucky to participate in many Jump Rope for Heart events being able to motivate these young athletes to their goals. I love being a coach, and a mentor. I hope that I inspire all the little ones I teach to go out and get their goals.

Other Passions

Some other parts of my life that I truly enjoy is the time I spend outside. Ever since I was little I’ve had a long for the outdoors. I love fishing, hiking, quadding, skiing, and archery. I am also a big lover of music. I always have headphones in, or the stereo blasting in my car. I play a few instruments too, I’ve been playing since I can remember. There’s so much more I love to do but I can’t fit it all in here. But I would like to highlight the love I have for my friends, who I view as my family. Spending time with the people who encourage me, and lift me up, and cause me to laugh uncontrollably, is the best ways I can think of to spend my days.

So there you have it, a brief view behind the scenes of me. It’s not everything but it’s some of my favourite parts I like to share. Stay tuned to read more from me, there will be lots!

Be blessed, bright, and brilliant*

Maya, your Miss East Central Alberta 2019

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