I have always been creative. Growing up in a home where, if something was broken, you fixed it. If your pants ripped? You would patch them up! Leg breaks off a chair? Glue it back together! My school projects were usually too big to carry to school (thanks Mom for driving me). My four older brothers and I would play video games until sunrise. Super Mario Brother’s, Halo, Final Fantasy, anything that immersed us in a new and exciting universe.

Half of my Family

The Calgary Comic Expo is a vastly popular event for gamers, artists, and collectors. I started going annually. Every convention I attended left me very intrigued by the cosplayers. They were personifying their favorite heroes, villains, scientists, doctors, and fighters. They created the costumes themselves!


This caught my eye, because that would be a very exciting life for a seamstress. I started collecting my materials from fabric stores and secondhand shops. I was ready to create. I started with fabric projects, then soon wanted to craft armour.

Unfortunately, the material to make armour is somewhat exorbitant. So I used my resources, and created Duct Tape armour. Eventually, local photographers wanted to capture my new creations.

Once I began modeling my cosplay, I started to get interested in fashion modeling. I became a glamour, fashion, and lifestyle model. One of my close friends, Jackie, suggested I try pageants. At first, I wasn’t too sure about beauty pageants. I thought they were just based on the way a girl looks. After a bit of research, I realized that beauty pageants are a combination of leadership, women empowerment, and a platform to raise awareness for causes close to your heart. I went out of my comfort zone and entered Miss Calgary 2017. I won my first pageant! I was completely shocked. I then went on to Miss Universe Canada, and created my national costume by hand.

I was inspired by a great leader. Patti Falconer gave me the courage and support I needed to face my fears and try my best. She was a role model and mentor to me, and I hope that I can carry on her amazing legacy.


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