Calgary is the best travel location for people who want to explore and try new things! It is such a diverse city, and there is so much to do.

Let’s talk about the food. I love trying new food all of the time. I have only had great experiences so far when it comes to restaurants in and around Calgary. Trying dishes from all over the world within 100 KM is pretty exciting.

       I can have authentic Mexican tacos at Añejo Restaurant. They have incredible flavors erupting from each bite. My favorite part is that they make the guacamole right at your table!

    If it’s a beautiful day and you just want to bathe in the sun; with some delicious brunch, 1410 World Bier Haus is the place to go. They have a great selection of food options, while sitting on their roof patio. Good vibes and a great time.

Now most of my family is from the East Coast, and sometimes you just want a taste of back home. Blowers & Grafton may be a bit busy, but it’s worth it. The food there tastes just like Halifax Street Food. Try the Pizza with Brother’s Pepperoni, it’s to die for.

      Ice cream is a part of a balanced diet right? Of course it is! Don’t forget to stop at Village Ice Cream and try one of their signature flavors. I can’t be held responsible for uncontrollable cravings.

I adore sushi and I crave it constantly. If you want to try my favorite sushi, you will have to drive to Kirala in Airdrie. It is a bit of a smaller city, but is packed with great restaurants and friendly people. Kirala offers the best rolls I’ve ever tried, and I always go back.

        If you wanted to try out the grill scene I would have to say that Main Street Beer and BBQ is the place to go! You have to try their smoked meat, it is packed with flavour. If you want some great Canadian food, The Canadian Brewhouse is the place to be. They have every type of poutine, great brunch, and delicious Caesars. The service is fantastic and they support local sport teams and charities!



        As you can tell, I am obsessed with food. I also like trying new activities, and my city is full of them! Do you want to try your aim? We have axe throwing, and its incredible! I went to Axe Throwing YYC and they offer local beers and ciders on tap if you want to be more like Jason Momoa.


         Do you want to get fit in an exciting, new way? How about boxing? Rumble Boxing Studio offers group lessons that are so exciting. You learn rhythm, proper boxing techniques, and the instructors are extremely motivational. They usually have some great deals on Groupon too! Check it out!

Are you a gamer or nerd like me? Then Comic Expo is the place for you. The crowd is so varied, from the artist to the video gamer! I cosplayed this year in order to raise money for the Children’s Make a Wish Foundation. You will see some of the most creative people in one place at this event.



         Last, but certainly not least, the Calgary Stampede! There are free pancake breakfasts all over the city for two weeks. It is such an incredible time, and I am proud to be in such a giving community. Hundreds of volunteers are spending their summer days bringing others happiness. That is what Calgary and area are about, caring for your neighbors.


Well, I hope this makes you eager to visit my lovely neighborhood,

Thank you,


Written by: Kansas
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3 Steps to Optimize Your Well-Being, FemEvolve Magazine

Hello everyone!

I am beyond excited to announce that by blog has been published on ! FemEvolve is an amazing magazine that takes its pride in empowering women and redefining standards. In FemEvolve, you can find topics about health, nutrition, self-development and fashion.

In my blog, I talk about a three-step routine that helps me keep in shape during my crazy busy life! These steps are easy to follow and they keep me energized for the entire day! Make sure to go to to check it out!

One important thing that was not included in the blog, is my preparation for Miss World Canada 2018. Certainly, such an event requires more than just daily routines that I do during the week. Starting June 01 2018, I visit Wellness Therapies in Edmonton for facials and most importantly, Maximus Pollogen Treatments. These treatments stimulate muscles and tone your body. After 6 treatments, I saw an amazing result, so I definitely recommend to try it out, especially if you are getting ready for a once-in-a-life-time event! FYI, if you live in Alberta, you can only find Maximus Pollogen at Wellness Therapies.

This is what it looks like!

Other important aspects of my preparation to Miss World Canada 2018 are my fitness and health regimes. Nikita Alimushkin, fitness and nutrition coach, developed a detailed nutrition plan for me, that I have been following for the last few weeks. With his help and constant support, I feel and look my best! Nikita made sure to focus on keeping my energy level high and my sugar intake low. I also work out 4-5 times a week and no matter how hard it gets sometimes – I keep going! Nikita’s guidance and support certainly contributed a lot to my Miss World Canada 2018 preparation.

“If you don’t take a selfie at the gym, does that work out even count?” 😛

Fact about me – I never wear make up when I go the gym! Letting your skin breathe during a work out is a key to clear skin.


After every gym session, I feel strong, confident and ready to face anything that comes my way! Best feeling in the world!

And now, 8 days away from Miss World Canada 2018 I could not be more ready to represent Central Alberta and show everyone what we got!

Toronto, see you soon!


Margo Kruchynina

Miss Central Alberta World 2018.

Written by: Margo
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You know the little voice in your head that tells you when you’ve eaten enough cookies? Or maybe when you’ve passed your spending budget and still want to buy those trendy new heels? The little voice we all ignore when it’s cheat day or we’re feeling rebellious.

She’s that logic voice that sometimes reminds us of our mother… because she’s always right! I constantly reminded myself that listening to that voice of instinct would strengthen my personal growth and development. What I had learned from personal experience is that the secret ingredient to personal growth was finding something that you are passionate about enough to make the necessary changes in your life to blossom and bring your dream to arms reach.


Knowing how to benefit yourself mentally and physically is a great start to personal development and self-love. Mental aspects could be going for a morning run to clear your head, meditating, or speaking to yourself positively. Physical aspects of self-love could be working out, eating healthy or moisturizing your skin. These are all examples of self-love and personal growth techniques to help you evolve.

Making little to big improvements in your daily life will allow you to grow every single day. It can be anything from gaining confidence in yourself, listening more, cutting a toxic person out of your life or being positive! Personal growth is meeting the personal goals that we set ourselves.

Self-love is something that we all define in our own unique way. An important part about loving yourself and personal development is having self-awareness. Being able to observe and recognize ones own feelings, and knowing the relationship between thought, feeling and reactions is an important aspect of self-improvement. It allows you the knowledge to love yourself in the correct ways, and understanding what is best for you personally. This will put you on the right path to personal growth and becoming the very best version of yourself.

Being given the title of Miss Alberta World 2018 and the amazing opportunity to represent Canada has gifted me with the push I needed to become the very best version of myself and realise my true potential. It has given me a large amount of opportunity to be involved with my community, to practice my public speaking and to gain knowledge and first hand business experience. I feel myself blossoming in the right direction and growing every day. I have learned so much over the past few months about promoting myself, how to gain sponsors, how to carry myself professionally and how to create relationships with others. All with the help of my self love and personal growth routines to keep me on top of my game. Here are a couple pointers to keep in mind:

  • Remain at the state of your highest potential
  • Be yourself! – But also, be the person you want to become
  • Influence self love in all aspects. Use it everyday, practice on yourself and always keep it in the back of your mind


Remember, the sense of knowing who you are, and what makes you who you are, will exude sexiness and confidence to everyone around you. Attitude and mind set is everything. Find your James Bond confidence!


Being a titleholder allows me a larger audience to voice my platform of Self-love. A healthy piece of mind is your root to success and a healthy piece of mind comes from loving yourself. Knowing what’s best for you and creating realistic goals to guide you will help you to become the greatest version of yourself. This opportunity has been my ladder to success and has truly given me the chance to inspire the world.

Thanks for reading!


Kalista Gauvreau, 

Miss Alberta World 2018






Written by: Kalista
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Miss Calgary 2017

              With the name Kansas King, as a kid, I always dreamed of having my own crown. I grew up in small town Crossfield, Alberta. Being raised in a country family; I was taught to treat everyone with respect and kindness. What drives me to achieve my goals, is my passion to truly make a positive difference in the lives of others.  During my reign as Miss Calgary 2017, I worked closely with several organizations focused on assisting individuals and families who have been through domestic abuse. I realized that by overcoming those traumas myself, I wanted to be able to stand up and give support to others who feel they can’t on their own.


Skate the Mountains Fundraiser for ADVAS

           I strive to make volunteering entertaining, so that way it’s easier to raise awareness and get others interested in helping the cause. So, I roller skated 23 KM to help raise $3581 for Airdrie District Victims Assistance Society. I competed in a mud run to raise $500 for Operation Smile Canada. I coordinated beach clean ups when I visited Fiji. I am now collaborating with a group to create an arcade fundraiser for The Alberta Children’s Hospital this November!



Legend of Zelda Cosplay as Link

When I’m not volunteering, I am attending online school to become an investor, and am currently focused on my acting and modelling career. I spend any free time working on my cosplay or spending time outdoors!


Living a healthy lifestyle is a big part of my life, a healthy body, as well as, a healthy mind. I have had the pleasure of meeting so many incredible people and have been given so many amazing opportun

ities. I am proud to say that in the past year my mental health has improved significantly. I hope I can be a leader for others struggling with anxiety, depression, PTSD, and ADHD. I want to leave you with the book that evolved my life; How to Awaken Your True Potential by Paramansa Yogananda. I hope it betters your life too.

Thanks for taking the time to learn more about me, and follow me to learn more!





Written by: Kansas
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Taking the Steps to Building and Being the Best You, FemEvolve Magazine

The magazine that I chose to blog about is FemEvolve and the reasoning behind this is  because they value what I believe in. FemEvolve has three core values that they build from which are, empowerment, transformation and enablement. FemEvolve believes and states that through all three values they will allow you “to live a passionate and healthy life, with excitement and fulfilment in the choices you make”! To be the best version of yourself you truly have to know who you are, and what you what stand for! I absolutely love being able to develop and grow my individuality as well as my mindset. I enjoy being positive and setting goals and achieving my personal goals.

I recently graduated from Concordia University of Edmonton with an After Degree in Education. Throughout my degree and my teaching practicums I practiced mindfulness individually as well as with my students. Through different digital mindfulness activities my students were engaged, on task, having fun and as a result they felt refocused and ready to finish off the day strong. I have found that through looking up positive quotes and by participating mindfulness I am happy, content, motivated and developing into who I want to be! It is important to practice being in a good mindset because it will impact you as an individual, how you feel, how you act and how others interact with you and how they perceive you. I find that it is always refreshing when I meet someone who is extremely positive and loves life. As a result that is a complete reflection of having a healthy, and constant growing mentality. It takes practice, effort and dedication but the impact will be rewarding and uplifting! I make an effort to leave some sparkle wherever I go and with whoever I meet. Thee reason that I can do this is because I have routines and certain practices that I do in my life that help me to strive for excellence and assist me in being the BEST version of myself. One of my life practices and routines is going to spin class with my friends. It allows me to be active and to participate in an interactive and motivating workout. Through this activity I meet new people, form relationships and connections, listen to amazing music, practice accountability, become encouraged and I am able to be a part of a full body workout that exercises mindfulness and my physical and mental well being. I always make sure to take “me” time because I think that it is important to do things that you enjoy and bring you fulfillment!

Susan Agrios is an educator, motivator and personal fitness trainer that is a guru in mindfulness and in being healthy and becoming the best version of yourself. Susan is an individual that I had not only the pleasure of meeting but also, I was able to hear her speak and be a part of her different exercises that focus on mindfulness and personal development. She is an individual that I certainly admire and without a doubt she makes a difference wherever she goes! Through her presentation I learned so much and it allowed me to become more open, curious and practice different tips and tricks to being healthy mentally and physically. Her website link is: On her website there are different testimonials, videos, as well as helpful tips on how to achieve personal fulfillment, success and development. Check her out because she is an inspiration and an amazing woman that has a lot to offer and she is someone that anyone can learn from.

Beauty Pageants are new to me and I wanted to try something different and work on my personal development. Through the process so far I have made new friends, competed at provincials and worked on developing skills that will help me in every area of my life. I have practiced walking, talking, performing and further developed what I believe in and stand for. Through the Miss World Canada 2018 provincial competition it allowed me to be a part of a healthy and inclusive competition. Also the competition allowed me to improve and work on my personal development skills such as public speaking, thinking on the spot and being able to answer questions, perform dance routines, practice confidence  and being open to trying new things! I am extremely excited for the National competition in 11 days time because I will have fun, have purpose, have new experiences and grow as an individual! The journey so far has been nothing but positive and has allowed me to shape different parts of me that make up who I am!

Personal Development is a life long process and a journey that takes work. I guarantee that in the end if you stick with it you will not be disappointed. I know for myself that when I practice positivity and make adjustments and improvements it makes a difference in who I am, how I feel and who I impact. Through being the best me, it allows me to learn and see new perspectives, become healthy mentally and physically and to make a difference! Always remember to be open and to be willing to change, especially if it’s for the BETTER because really what could go wrong?! Oh wait … you might have positive results of growth and improvement and maybe even learn something new! If that’s the case then I am totally ready to grow personally and lead by example! Thanks for reading and I hope that you enjoyed my blog about personal development. Remember, try and find something that works for you and do not be afraid to try anything new!


Until Next Time…XOXO.

Rebecca Crouse

-Miss Edmonton World 2018

Written by: Rebecca
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When I moved to Edmonton five years ago from a small town, I expected traffic, getting lost a lot and loud city people. Though, I was pretty excited about living close to West Edmonton mall and expected I’d be shopping every weekend.

In fact, over the span of five years I have learned that the traffic isn’t bad (unless it’s 5pm and rush hour).  Each part of Edmonton is set up like it’s own mini community, which makes getting to know the area very simple. The “loud city people” I’ve met, I now hold life-long friendships with, and I’ve only visited West Edmonton Mall about ten short times in the 5 years of living here. Edmonton has taught me a lot, including that sometimes what we expect and reality are two different things.

Edmonton is split like a storybook by the Saskatchewan River. It leaves a recreational River Valley for Edmontonions to explore, while living the chapters being created in their personal bestseller. North America’s longest corridor of connected urban parkland runs along the city’s river valley, minutes from the long stretch of Whyte Avenue, where many of my treasured moments have taken place.

While walking down Whyte avenue is a mystery because each visit lays a new experience, you can always count on the talented local buskers, friendly community, and wide activity selection to remind you why it’s the best place to spend your Friday evening, Saturday shopping or Sunday brunch.

Whyte Avenue is Edmonton’s hosting area for fun and exciting events such as parades, concerts, local talent and so much more. Edmonton’s annual Art Walk held on the stretch of Whyte Avenue, is a place I like to describe as where memories are made and art comes to life.

Imagine a 4 km walk through the hearts and minds of artists. Cultural explorers and visitors are invited to see art creation in action on the streets of Whyte Avenue, a vibrant art district in the historic centre of Edmonton, Alberta. Over 400 visual artists bring their art supplies and artworks out into the streets. The Whyte Avenue Art Walk reveals Alberta’s hidden talent and provides an opportunity for people to curate their own art collection from many undiscovered masters. Together they create an outdoor studio and gallery spanning several blocks.


From food trucks, to live music, to art being created right before your eyes is nothing short of a spectacular learning and growing experience. Being a creative soul myself, I can appreciate the support Edmonton gives to local artists. The opportunities that flourish, the creations built, and the memories from Edmonton’s spectacular Art’s culture is something you cannot find anywhere else. The wide arts district that Edmonton has to offer is what makes for a unique city. You can always trust that the rare minds that call this city home won’t fail to keep it interesting. Edmonton’s Art District has had a large impact on who I am today and I hope to see you at next years annual Art Walk or for an evening of mystery on Whyte Avenue in the city I call home, Edmonton Alberta. 

Yours Truly,

Kalista Gauvreau,

Miss Alberta World 2018







Written by: Kalista
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When sitting down at my computer thinking about my past few years spent in the “oil abundant” city of Calgary, I realize there are so many amazing places that this city has to offer its residence and visitors. There are tons of great restaurants, so many beautiful parks to explore on hot summer days, the beautiful mountains in Banff and the lovely Lake Louise that basically are in our very own backyards.

But, the place I know and love the most in my city would have to be my university, Mount Royal.


I guess it is a very good thing that I love my school so much considering I spend 99% of my time there. Whether it be waking up at the crack of dawn for class and quickly stopping by Tim Hortons for an extra-large double-double that will carry me through the day, or making a stop at the gym to relieve some stress, I always find myself gravitating towards spending as much time at MRU as possible. I know a lot of time people can’t wait to finish a long day of school and head home to relax but when a school is filled so many smiling faces and so many convenient facilities for its students to take advantage of I often find it hard to leave. When I decided to move from my forever home of Beautiful British Columbia and explore a new city in Alberta I was slightly unsure of what I was getting myself into. If I hadn’t attended Mount Royal University I would never have met so many amazing people who have grown to be such amazing friends and an awesome support system in my life. I will never forget my first day of school. I had to go to the library to print an assignment out for a professor. First of all, I had no idea where the library was so it took me 30 minutes to walk there when it should have taken 3.  Then, I finally arrived at a computer, pulled up my assignment, and had no idea how to print it out. I sat there puzzled for a solid 5 minutes until a girl sitting across the library came offer and offered me a hand. That was 2 years ago and now I can say I have had a friendship with Michelle ever since. This is just one example of how people are, not only at MRU, but Calgary in general. Just sitting here now at Tim Hortons look at all the happy faces passing by I love how positive of an environment this school has provided their students with. The constant chatter about how hard that final exam was, the 8am line at Tim’s that takes 20 minutes just to get a coffee, the always enthusiastic staff at the gym who make working out so much more enjoyable, all these factors are why I love my school so much and why Mount Royal will always be considered my home away from home.





Written by: Megan
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Hello from Miss Edmonton and Alberta’s Capital City…. EDMONTON!

Over here we are filled with breathtaking views, beautiful weather and great people! Edmonton has many attractions and events to visit and see in the summer time. Also Edmonton’s downtown core is continuously developing and has a lot of action happening to keep the Edmontonians and any visitors enjoying the outdoors and our beautiful city.

Image result for downtown edmonton

Some different activities and adventurous things that I enjoy in my home city and some that I have recently been a part of are:

1- Taking walks outside and going to the river valley for amazing views.

2- Visiting free outdoor pools such as Fred Broadstock, Queen Elizabeth and Mill Creek to soak up the sun rays and chit chat and hang with my friends!

   Image result for queen e pool          Image result for fred broadstock pool

3- Go out downtown for delicious food or tasty sweets at Cinnaholic for cinnamon buns or Menchies for Froyo because we have UNREAL options that will satisfy and truly delight everyone!

Image result for cinnaholic              Image result for menchies


4- Attend Edmonton events and attractions- Such as pets in the park at William Hawrelak Park, Canada Day patio celebrations to celebrate our Country, visit the Muttart Conservatory, visit the Art Gallery, visit West Edmonton Mall for shopping, swimming, bowling, mini golf, arcade games, food and more! Visit the Edmonton Valley Zoo to see the  cute and cuddly and the creepy crawly animals!

Image result for west edmonton mall

5- Play some games with friends! Some different game cafes are- Table Top Cafe, Hexagon Cafe, or Board N Brew Cafe. Or see if you can work together and escape out of different rooms in Edmonton- Escape City, Breakout Edmonton, Exit Edmonton.

Image result for hexagon cafe                     Image result for escape city edmonton


There are many many more awesome things to see and places to visit…. I can truly say that without a doubt, Edmonton is the place to be and always has something new around the corner! Edmonton… I am proud to call you home and I am truy honoured to have achieved my title of Miss Edmonton 2018 and to be able to represent my AMAZING city at the Miss World Canada 2018 competition in two weeks time. Come check us out, stay a while and make memories that will last a lifetime!


Thanks for reading.

Until next time…xoxo

-Miss Edmonton 2018

Rebecca Crouse

Written by: Rebecca
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Image may contain: 1 person, standing and outdoor

This black and white affair consisted of food, fashion, drinks and fun! A rather unique runway experience if you ask me! Not only did Zoolander have spectacular fashion models, but they also allow the animals to strut their stuff down the runway too! (Who knew owls were such naturals?)

Representing Alberta in Prairie Couture style was a spontaneous and exciting experience! An evening of fashion & design, animals, and representing myself as I continue creating new connections and relationships through my reign.

I am proud to have contributed to the city of Edmonton coming together to raise funds for the Edmonton Valley Zoo and to experience what the Edmonton Valley Zoo is all about – education, conservation, and revitalization.

Until next time, Zoolander!

Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, people standing, shoes and outdoor

Designer: Marina Perillie
Instagram: prairiecouturemobile

Yours truly:


Miss Alberta World 2018


Written by: Kalista
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Image may contain: 1 person, standing and outdoor

As competition day of the preliminary pageant to Miss World Canada arrived I was surprised my nerves were not beaming through the roof considering I’ve had zero pageant experience. Instead, I felt convinced. Convinced that I had found what I desired to pursue in life.

Performing and being on stage was my second nature growing up, weather it be competitive dance, cheerleading or musicals I always had a glowing smile and happy heart. Which is why pageantry feels so natural to me. Having recently graduated from Victoria school of Visual and Performing Arts, and completing my first year of post secondary at College of the Rockies, you can imagine the overanalyzing that comes with thinking about your future.

But this time, there was no overanalyzing and no second thoughts. I was confident that this opportunity was my ladder. My chance to represent Canada and to influence many people about my Beauty with a Purpose; that self-love and a healthy piece of mind is your root to success in all aspects of life. It will be my pleasure to share my unique life force and experiences with you through my reign as Miss Alberta World!

As one door closes, another opens. Taking the opportunities life has gifted you allows you to flourish to your highest potential. Ever since winning the title of Miss Alberta World, I describe everyday as becoming the woman I’ve always dreamed to be. Join me in my journey to Miss World Canada as I will be sharing my most favourable moments making my way to Nationals!

Yours truly,


Miss Alberta World 2018





Written by: Kalista
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