Finally after arriving at the Edward Village Hotel, the Miss world Canada 2018 journey begins, and I couldn’t be any more excited!¬†¬†Today we had our official sponsor party. I am thankful to each and every one of them for supporting us. I also had fun stealing Cynthia’s crown! From the products, one of my personal favorites is the Lanlay oil, I’ve been using it since last year. It works perfectly to remove makeup, to moisturize my skin and even just a leave in treatment for my hair.

I cannot wait to wear these stunning Vangelo Donna heels on stage. They are an absolutely stunning and sparkly gold (both of which are my favourite!!)

Finally I was super excited to open up my box of Nina Spade earrings, they could have been one of many colours–however I opened up a box of the blue pair…hmm blue for Miss World Canada. Could it be a sign?

Stay tuned for more fun activities throughout the week.

With love,

Maneet Miss World Canada National Finalist

Written by: Maneet
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