Only 8 weeks left till we all meet in Toronto! Seems like so much time, yet once I start thinking of everything I have planned, I realize that 8 weeks really is not that long for everything I have planned..:) Let me give you a quick update on my journey as Miss Central Alberta World 2018.

Last week was great – I got to attend Stollery Spotlight and be a part of a truly amazing event. I would like to take a moment and say “thank you” to everyone who so selflessly commits their time to charity and activism. YOU make this world a better place.

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During Stollery Spotlight, I learned about a new mental health facility that will be open in Edmonton within the next 6-7 years.  One of the main aspects that developers take pride in, is that the facility will be family- and youth- oriented. It will have a lot open space and different upbringing activities for everyone who is admitted. It will definitely be a huge step forward for our city. I cannot wait for it to open! What an amazing project.

Another topic that was brought up during the event is that now, youth can get online help, should they have doubts about their mental well-being. All  because of the program Breathe. Breathe was designed to help youth (13 to 19 years old) with anxiety treatment. One of the main aspects of the program is that teens have the power to stay anonymous. Researchers believe that it will help teenagers to be more open and honest about their feelings and thoughts. The program runs 24/7 and kids can get online help anytime they need it. So far it has shown amazing results and over 4,000 kids across Canada have found it helpful. In my opinion, it is an amazing program and I am very thankful to it’s developers. Here is the link to it!

We also got to meet a robot! It lives at the U of A hospital. It is programmed to know kids’ names and interact with them. Isn’t it just awesome! Take a look.


Last week was week of mental health. Talking and thinking about mental health awareness surely helps and it is definitely step #1. As Gary John Bishop once said: “We are what we do, not what we think”. Thinking about the issue just does not do the trick anymore. We need to start acting, too. Acting through listening, acting through accepting, acting through understanding. Acting through knowing of programs such as Breathe and other ways through which mental health issues may be addressed.

I have a new commitment to myself. DO more. Invest more. Devote more. I can do it.

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Talk to you soon!


Margo Kruchynina

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