Hello dear readers,

I am excited to share with you all that I am a national finalist for Miss World Canada 2018. I couldn’t be any more excited after being crowned Miss Southern Alberta World last year, and first runner up at Miss India Worldwide Canada the year before. I think it’s finally time for me to pull out my sparkly gown, highest heels and walk the stage again.

You must be wondering who Maneet is, and what she’s all about? A girl that was born on one cold snowy winter day in the beautiful city of Toronto (although I was born in the winter, I’m definitely a summer girl!). By the time I was 11 I moved to the wild west… Calgary! Growing up I always always enjoyed performing in front of large audiences. I still do theater and monologues to this day.  Would you believe I was only 6 years old the first time I performed in front of my entire elementary school!

I’m also very proud to share that I recently completed my bachelors degree in Psychology. I always wanted to go into a profession where I could help those around me, and I think working in a clinical setting couldn’t be any more perfect. Mental health has always been something I’ve given much value to, because without our minds, we would be nothing. I want people to embrace the mind-body connection, and no longer hide behind closed doors when they need help due to the fear of stigmatization. Not only is this a part of my Beauty with a purpose project– it is a part of who I am. Thus, I plan to continue into graduate studies and become a Psychologist within the near years.


In my free time, you may find me reading a book. Not just any, usually self-help books. I’m very much into constant growth and learning. As you know I’m all about the mind-body connection, thus while taking care of my mind you may also find me at the gym taking care of my body! A healthy lifestyle has always been a must for me. Eating clean and working out make you glow like there’s no tomorrow, and the feeling after a workout is out of this world! And of course I do have my occasional (or multiple) cheat meals too. Finally, I also always make sure to take out some time to volunteer in the community. One of my favourite places to volunteer is the distress center, because I think there’s nothing more precious than putting a smile on someone’s face or supporting them in their most loneliest times.


From here forward, I can’t wait to be a part of all the exciting upcoming events and do greater things for my community. I feel honoured that I will represent Calgary and the province of Alberta at Miss World Canada, and I’ll need all your support and love during it.

With love,

Maneet, Miss World Canada National Finalist


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