Woe! My own Blog! Im so excited! I am Kjerstine Riley from Calgary!

A little about myself; I am 19 years old and Im diving into my second year of Psychology at Mount Royal University. My interest and hobbies include, extensive reading of literature, the theater, I dabble in filmography and stand up comedy! I love to preform, and in fact, I busk part time in downtown Calgary! I was in musical theater all throughout Junior high and high school, as well playing basketball all the way up into college. I take great pleasure in learning new tricks and skills, among these are, uni-cycling, tight rope walking, American Sign Language, and guitar! I love to explore and travel, I had the wonderful opportunity to live in and back pack around Italy and visit France and London. I’ve road tripped all across the United States and making it around Canada little by little. Being apart of the Miss World pageant has already been such a blast! I look forward to further events ill be able to be apart of, truthfully sometimes has left me feeling a bit overwhelming at times but im feeling way more confident as time goes on. Ive been really fortunate to have my Moms help, shes really excited with me, and I love and appreciate her support. I feel quite honored to be able to have this title and I look forward to see the following months unfold, leading to the Miss World Canada Pageant. Im so excited to see all my friends again In Toronto! Thanks for reading this and dont forget to follow me on Instagram Facebook and Snapchat; @littlestmissriley or look for Miss Western Calgary, for in the inside scoop!

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