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As competition day of the preliminary pageant to Miss World Canada arrived I was surprised my nerves were not beaming through the roof considering I’ve had zero pageant experience. Instead, I felt convinced. Convinced that I had found what I desired to pursue in life.

Performing and being on stage was my second nature growing up, weather it be competitive dance, cheerleading or musicals I always had a glowing smile and happy heart. Which is why pageantry feels so natural to me. Having recently graduated from Victoria school of Visual and Performing Arts, and completing my first year of post secondary at College of the Rockies, you can imagine the overanalyzing that comes with thinking about your future.

But this time, there was no overanalyzing and no second thoughts. I was confident that this opportunity was my ladder. My chance to represent Canada and to influence many people about my Beauty with a Purpose; that self-love and a healthy piece of mind is your root to success in all aspects of life. It will be my pleasure to share my unique life force and experiences with you through my reign as Miss Alberta World!

As one door closes, another opens. Taking the opportunities life has gifted you allows you to flourish to your highest potential. Ever since winning the title of Miss Alberta World, I describe everyday as becoming the woman I’ve always dreamed to be. Join me in my journey to Miss World Canada as I will be sharing my most favourable moments making my way to Nationals!

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Miss Alberta World 2018





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