Visions of Heaphen was an amazing experience. Thank you to designer Heather Fryer for letting me be apart of her amazing fashion gala while also representing Alberta! What a perfect way to prepare for Miss World Canada.

Fashionable head-pieces are designed. You can see the bird cage style modelled as I strut down the runway!

This runway fashion experience was very different considering headpieces aren’t the most typical fashion item. I enjoyed the uniqness of this gala and how it was something new to see. I was very intrigued and amazed by all the amazing designs.

Participating in the Ethno Fashion Gala not only added to my runway practice and experience but also allowed me to mingle and make friends with the other models!

I cannot wait to have more runway and unique fashion experiences! This is just the beginning…. next up: Miss World Canada!


Kalista Gauvreau,

Miss Alberta World 2018

Written by: Kalista
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