Ok… I know we can all admit to have those days where we don’t feel like doing anything. We would prefer to stay in bed all day and watch Netflix snuggled up with our puppies and a cup of tea. At least, this is how I lived my life for many years. It is so easy with all the stress of school and work to actually find time and energy to put into bettering ourselves. It wasn’t until this past year that I decided it was time to make a change in my life. I was tired of often feeling “down in the dumps” and I knew with a little time and effort I could make a few simple changes in my life that could make all the difference in the long run.


After a year of feeling constantly tired and down about many things I searched long and hard to find something I was passionate about and that I could add to my daily routine. I needed something positive that would add a new element to my day to day routine. Going to school and then to work wasn’t too bad but it was time to spice up the simplicity of my life by adding some fun into it. I began hanging out with my friends more and then one day my best friend Paige called me up and said “Hey Meg, want to go to the gym?” The gym? I never really enjoyed going to the gym before. It wasn’t something I did because I didn’t know how to operate half the equipment and I always felt that so many people would judge me. Truth be told, nobody cared at all enough about what I was doing at the gym to judge me. Paige constantly reminded me that everyone was at the gym for the same reason, to somehow better themselves, so nobody had any reason to judge me.



It did not take long for me to develop a genuine love for working out. Not only was it always a blast going to the gym with my best friend but I also was beginning to feel so much better in so many ways! When I was stressed, I’d go to the gym. When I was angry, I’d go to the gym. When I was excited, off to the gym I went. Working out became just regular part of my day. I noticed so many changes both physically and mentally. These changes were my inspiration to keep going and persevere. Even on long days when I was tired from studying a lot or working a double shift, I would always try to find time to go to the gym. If I did not feel like going to the gym I would always find some type of alternative. I would go for a bike ride, hike with some friends, even just take my dog for a quick walk around the block and these things would instantly lift my mood.



Not only was I beginning to see changes within myself but people around me were starting to comment on my life changes. I never realized how my room there was for improvement in my life until things just kept getting better and better. Thinking back to my life exactly a year ago, I was 30 pounds heavier with no motivation or drive to do much more than the bare minimum. I was perfectly content spending my nights snuggles up on the couch with a bowl of microwave popcorn for dinner and a tub of chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream for dessert.


I can now happily say that I have never felt better. I have never been so confident in my own skin and I truly take pride in the woman I have become. Each day is a new day and I still continue to push myself to always do better. I am happy, I am healthy, and I am proud of all the strides I’ve made in life. As Kevin Durant once said “I just loved being in the gym. It was tough at times. Sometimes I wanted to quit, but I’m glad I stuck with it.” Even on my hardest days, I manage to work out and it truly makes a difference on my overall mood and well-being. Goodbye to the late night McDonalds run and hello the the new and improved lifestyle I have begun for myself.

Written by: Megan
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